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My name is Neridah & I'm currently 17 years. It was the 22nd of September 2009 when I found out I was a diabetic. My parents had noticed a change in my physical appearance and suspected something was wrong. I remember going away on school camp and I'd felt different but thought nothing of it, until I got back home and spent the first week of school holidays in hospital. Diabetes wasn't something new to the family, my dad and older brother both have it as well. Life hasn't really been the same since, I've had ups and downs and had to adapt to doing things that little bit differently from others. Even though I've been a diabetic for about 7 years now I'm still learning new things, and trying to get a better control of it but I can happily say things are getting better now with the use of a pump, instead of having the 5-8 needles I would need a day. I'm not letting diabetes stop me from what I want to do and achieve, if anything it's made me realise...


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