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My name is Jadyn and I'm a twelve year old girl living with T1D. I was diagnosed with this disease on January 25, 2012, right before my tenth birthday. It was all of the usual symptoms at first. But the area my mom noticed it the most was in my energy levels. I had always been an amazing hiker and one day we had gone for a walk and I couldn't make it up the hill. Now before this my mom had already made an appointment that was about five days out. But after this her "mom instinct" kicked in. She had taken me into the hospital the next day, saving my life. The doctor said if I had waited five more days I would have died. The first year went easier then the second and third, believe it or not. At first we got used to it, it was just a thing I had to deal with. But the two following years had me thinking. Why am I the special 1 of 200? Why did this happen? I am on my third year with diabetes and am still struggling with this disease, as are many more diabetics. After the first...


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