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I'm Heather

and My son, Gage is my #1!

My son was only 21 months when he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. He had been sick for 2 weeks, excessive thirst, extreme urination, all the classic signs. I called his pediatrician every two days but she would always tell me to keep an eye on him, keep an eye on him. It was Sunday August, 21, 2011. We were at a coworkers son's birthday party and all Gage would do was stand there. He wouldn't walk. He wouldn't talk. I took him home and as we were eating dinner I looked over at him, at how sad he looked, and decided I had had enough. I was taking him to the Emergency Room an hour away. My husband told me to wait until morning. I said no. I drove to Anchorage and he was taken to the back very quickly for the ER. Thankfully the doctor listened to me and took some blood and left the IV in!!!! About ten minutes later a nurse walked into our little room and whisked Gage away in the stroller he was sitting in. That scared me. I ran after her asking what was wrong, what was going...


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