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I'm Adele

and my dad Roberto is my #1!

My dad (or papa as I call him) has been living with juvenile diabetes for 34 years. I am 33 years old so he has been living with this my entire life. Papa is truly the strongest man I know and also one of my bestest friends! He is in control of the disease and does not let the disease control him. Monitoring diabetes is part of his life but he has never used this as any sort of handicap. Having diabetes actually pushes him to try harder in everything so he can prove to himself that he is just as good or better then anybody else. In my whole life I have never heard him complain about having diabetes. He walks every year for the Walk for Diabetes and all he wants is to find a cure so that kids don't have to live with it. I hope there is a cure not only for him but for the many other people affected by diabetes!


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