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Hey my name is Kylee I'm 14 years old and I was diagnosed when I was 8, just like my brother Tyler. It is only my brother and I who have type 1 diabetes, some others in my family have type 2. The day i got diagnosed I was upstairs playing dolls and I wasn't being very active or energentic like usual so my mom called me downstairs and had me check my blood sugar. (my step dads type 2) and my blood sugar was 406, that's not normal for people without diabetes especially someone who hadn't eaten for a few hours. My mom brought me to the doctors and they took me in to see the doctor right a way. I was a little confused as to why I had to go, until the doctor turned too me and said "Kylee were going to have to do blood work to see if you have diabetes" I looked at her and my eyes teared up and I started to cry and the doctor hugged me. My mom had me in her lap as I cried saying that "I didn't want to be like Tyler and take shots" then the nurse came in...


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