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I'm Jennifer

and My daughter Ashlyn Mosley is my #1!

Our 4 year old daughter was diagnosised with T1d on Feb 22, 2015. She didn't have to be in ICU thankful but we spend 2 days and 3 nights in the hospital. When we arrived the hospital her number was in the 600 and it took all night and half of the next day to get it down. This a learning experience for us all. Over all she is doing wonderful with everything. She has 2 older sisters. The oldest dealt with it all OK but the middle one didn't do well with it all. She had a hard time seeing her sister going through this and it really got to her. Now she has cone around and knows that she has to do this in order for her to feel good. We have changed this as a family to help her cope with it a little better so it's not just her making change. Our journey just started and we are still learning.


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