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My name is christina and i am 19 ive been diabetic ever since i was 13 i took really good care of my self the first 3 years but after i turned 16 i stopped caring about what i eat,i stoped exercise and i stopped caring about taking my shots on time,so everytime my sugar was high i would just take more insulin ..but last month my doctor told me that my A1c is 12% it should be 6%(that means for the past 3 months my sugar was not below 300)he also told me that if my life style stays like this its a matter of 5yrs and i would have a lit of complications cuz my kidneys are already spilling protien..ever since ive been taking really good of my self eating healthy and being good cuz i no longer have a choice unless i want to die young but when my doctor told me tgat i spent that day crying my tears never stopped it was hard to hear that,and until now its hard but thank god i have my family supporting me..so my next appointment is in 3 months wish me luck everyone


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