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I'm william

and my son Brendan is my #1!

I was 28 diagnosed with diabetes type 1 , life changer , stopped the smoking , drinking and got my life back on track eventually with 24/7 close monitoring and close on all acting on building my life again. Love goes a long way not only with heath but can live again. Brought 2 sons in our life with 1 son diagnosed at 4 yrs old , Yes , yet again with type 1 . Type 1 has not stopped Brendan from his passion. He has inspired me as a father helping along the way to be one of the best Trick/downhill Biking riders. He has sponsors for his Sport in Biking and today is Helping Youngsters in Whistler, B .c. become the there best in Riding even with type 1 . He is building a future in Gravity Park, Sunshine Valley, b. c. Working full time , volunteering to be the rider you can be with type 1 not even looking back with the disease. You can check out Brendan howey on Google , you will be inspired as I am , Father also Type 1 . Has effected us all but will Not Stop. Your my Hero Brendan. Love You Dad


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