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I'm Lisa

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Hi, I am a Type 1 diabetic and have been since September 1977 when I was diagnosed at age 15. I have managed my disease, using insulin administered many ways over the years. I wore the very first pump that was commercially available in 1980-81 during my freshman year in college. The technology was new then and the delivery was only through a steel needle in my abdomen. Over the years, I've used multiple daily injections and various Medtronic insulin pumps, and have always tested by BG many times per day. Many years later now, under the care of a great team of physicians I've chosen, I'm fortunate to have no microvascular or macro vascular complications yet although I do have early stage osteoporosis. I'm blessed to be married to a wonderful guy and to have two daughters, neither of which will be at risk for my type 1/hypothyroid/osteoporosis genes as they are both adopted. I had a long career in the pharmaceutical industry in marketing and sales, and believe in the work...


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