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My name is Ali. I am a 20 year old. A couple months before my 20th birthday i was drinking water like it wasn't satisfying my thirst. I would drink 12-15 glasses a day and would be constantly going to the bathroom. It was during a weekend at my mom's that i was incredibly tired after traveling all day. Didn't think of this as anything to worry about. My step dad is a type 2 diabetic suggested I check my sugar with him. I checked my sugar it was 630. My biological mom being a nurse freaked out and said that i need to see my doctor ASAP. I called my grandmother and told her the problem. I got home that sunday and monday we saw my primary care doctor. He tested my A1C.. it ended up being 12.3 and I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes on March 25th, 2014. Just a few months before my birthday. It was a real struggle in the beginning and i didn't want to believe what was going on was real. I never really took into account how stress affects my sugar. How it can be super deadly...


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