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I am an 18 year old girl called Nicola with type 1 diabetes. I was diagnosed with diabetes in December of 2003 which made me 6 years old. I was always a very petite girl who was pale and always looked unwell. In October of 2003 I went on a small holiday with my parents and older sister (who is now 21). One day we went to the theme park and I started to be very sick and weak, suddenly my mum and dad rushed me back to the hotel and once I had a little sleep everything seemed to be okay until we returned home a few days later. My mum had taken me to the doctors several times suggesting them to test me for diabetes as she knows the symptoms due to her 2 older brother being type 1 diabetic themselves. The doctor responded by calling my mum and "over anxious parent". After another few weeks past I was still continuing to be tired, weak, running to the toilet and dehydrated so my mum took me back down to the doctors surgery and demanded them to see me as i was 'chalk white'....


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