I'm Ed

and my twin daughters Caroline & Elizabeth is my #1!

Caroline and Elizabeth are our beautiful 14 month-old identical twins. Caroline was diagnosed the week before her first birthday. She spit up her food (which was uncommon for her) and started fussing much more than normal. My wife took her to the pediatrician who suspected some sort of GI problem. After several hours of tests at the close-to-home branch and main campus of Children's Hospital, the doctors determined she was experiencing DKA and diagnosed her with T1D. After a week recovering in the hospital, she was given an insulin pump and sent home to spend her first birthday with her sister Elizabeth. Two weeks later, Elizabeth started spitting up her food. Since we already had all of the supplies to test glucose levels, my wife tested her. She was over 600 so we took her to Children's Hospital where they confirmed that she too had T1D. Fortunately we caught it early enough to avoid DKA and a longer hospital stay. She was sent home with her very own insulin pump to match her sister's. Both girls have had lots of highs and lows over the past month and a half, but they have done an unbelievable job of fighting through the tough times and getting back to being their smiling adorable selves. Between the carb counting, the combined 14+ glucose tests a day, and the constant charting, my wife and I have settled into a regimented routine that has helped us ensure that the girls' levels are as controlled as possible. Pumpwear.com has been a huge help by offering pump storage options that let the girls wear their pumps on their backs under their outfits without the temptation or opportunity to pull out each other's sites. (Prior to that we were using bandages and tape to try and keep the pumps in place.)

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What a story! I have twin boys, and one of my boys has Type I. I can NOT imagine having to worry about both of them. Thank you for sharing your story.