I'm S

and I am my #1!

One front I would be so amazed at if this 'smart insulin' where to come into play would be the lack of hurt i would feel. To feel like a real normal person? No diabetic high hangover, no low loss of caring. No insatiable thirst highs or the low sweats. The dumb lows or the pee highs. The days you are so tired of.....everything that the moment you decide you give up you also automatically regret it because of the ramifications. Even at this age, I still have foods that throw me for a loop. I still have feelings that throw my readings into disarray. It is a constant struggle for me. I know so many other diabetics do such a good job with their numbers and their schedules but that is not always me. I enjoy the type of diabetic I am but I would love for a medical pass. Just once. Smart insulin is so much better than -if all other organs fail and you need 4 transplants we can add a pancreas!!! I hope some of you are laughing by now :) I am a real diabetic in a real world and I am in need of some smart insulin. I know I am not alone. I live my life keeping in mind there may never be a cure while I am alive. That will never dim my hope though. I am still a young and healthy diabetic with all the issues of a normal almost mid 30's girl with a dream of one day not having to think about how the last 72 hours will effect the next 72 hours. And that's, who in a sea of T1D millions, is out there. Thanks for reading :) and may NORMAL blood sugars follow you throughout your lives!!!!

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