I'm Emily

and I am my #1!

My name is Emily. I am 15 years old and I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in march of 2008. I have been a diabetic for 7 years and it has been a journey of up and downs. One day I stayed home from school because I was getting sick and could not stop drinking water. My parents and I soon discovered at the hospital that I was a diabetic. My life changed a lot, having to deal with the complications of constantly having to stop doing something to check my blood sugar and get an insulin shot was hard. But it did not stop me. Being a diabetic did not mean that I couldn't do things other people can do or eat foods with sugar, it just meant that I had to pay more attention to my body and take care of it a little bit more. Being a diabetic has made me stronger than ever and I am very happy to be healthy and living a full life with T1D.

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