I'm Bekah

and I am my #1!

Hello! My name is Bekah. I am almost 20 years old and have been living with Type 1 Diabetes for about 5 years now. Growing up I had a friend that was a type 1 diabetic but other than that, I knew nothing about diabetes. In high school I was on the dance team and a member of the schools choir. I enjoyed school and had a pretty normal life. Two very supportive parents who brought me and my two brothers up in a loving Christian home. Everything was normal until December of my Sophomore year. While in dance practice and P.E. I noticed I wasn't feeling right but didn't really know what was wrong so I just continued practicing like normal, until things started getting worse. I had always had great vision but my eyes were getting extremely blurry, I was drinking 10-15 water bottles a day, I was very fatigued and just didn't feel like my normal self. I began researching these symptoms online until I was convinced I was a diabetic. I told my parents and my dad kinda laughed a called me a hypochondriac and my mom was just like hmmm… So the next day after school my mom took me to the doctor while my dad was out of town for business. When I told the doctor my symptoms, he checked my blood sugar, it was so high it couldn't even read it. Sure enough, he told me I was a type 1 diabetic. The first thing I wanted to do was call my dad and joke with him for not believing me..(it was always fun proving him wrong)..My mom had tears in her eyes. To my surprise I seemed to handle it way better than everyone else. I stayed in the hospital until my blood sugars were regulated. They told me when they got the first reading back that my blood sugar was 860+. At the time I didn't really understand how scary that actually is!! So today…. I have been living with diabetes for almost 5 years. There are rough stages. I have been through shots which I hated, but finally was talked into the OmniPod which was the best decision ever!! My blood sugars aren't perfect, but what college girls are?! I have decided to use this bad thing for good. Becoming a type 1 diabetic has taught me many things and changed my outlook on life. I am so SO thankful for doctors who have the knowledge of type 1 diabetes and for parents who do everything they can to keep me healthy. In school I am studying Mass Communications and Nutrition/Dietetics in hopes of one day working with people just like me. I have a passion for type 1 diabetes and am grateful for the life I have. I have Type 1 Diabetes but Diabetes doesn't have me.

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Hey Bekah! I'm a friend of Abbey Little. Saw this on her page, and I can't wait to meet you! I'm 18, I've had Type One since I was 5, and I'll be a freshman at OBU in the fall! Thanks for posting, I ordered an Onni Pod a few days ago, and I'm excited to try it out! -Maggie Trieschmann