I'm Annmarie

and I am my #1!

My name is Annmarie. I was diagnosed with type one diabetes in July of 1998, at the age of 14 months old. I am now 18 years old. I have been diabetic for 17 years. I was in Disney Land when my parents starting noticing something was wrong. I drank all the time, but barely went to the bathroom. I was constantly asleep, and not feeling well. So my parents told me anyways. When we drove back to Ohio, I ended up going into a mini coma before they could get me to Nationwide Children's Hospital. I can only imagine the terror my parents went through the next week or so. That was when they found out I had type one diabetes. Diabetes not only affected my entire life, but also affected my families. Sometimes I feel like I am treated different than others. I always had a nurse check on me throughout school, I always had to give shots for anything I ate. Personally, I hate diabetes. I don't hate it for the finger pricks or the injections, they aren't nice, but you get used to them after a while. I hate diabetes because it took away some of my childhood. I hate it for making spontaneous decisions nearly impossible. It's made me anxious and scared, it never gives me a break, and is always constant. Although those are all the reasons I hate it, I am also glad that I've had the chance to grow with it. It has made me more mature and responsible. It has taught me to live everyday to the fullest. Yes, I have a terminal illness, but who says it can stop me from living my life how I want. Yes, I'll always have to check my blood sugar, and give myself a shot, but diabetes has made me want to become an extraordinary nurse. Diabetes has made me want to make a good impact on any child's life. So they know they are never alone and they can get through it. Just like I can. I would love to have a cure.

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