I'm Christy

and I am my #1!

We found out my daughter was type 1 at the age of 13 it was hard on her at first but I guess I took it the worst. .. Why you might ask? Well my grandma on my dad's side had type 1 an was fully insulin dependant from age 26 -until she passed away at age 81...So at age 8 I was getting well educated about diabetes .So by the time I was 10 I lost my farther to diabetes he was also type 1 but he refused to admit he was sick. .. so he died at a very young age because he didn't want to take the shots. .. Then after birthing three children an only one ended up with type 1. I felt like it was all my fault my beautiful baby girl could have died on me at any given time... But we have made it we have gotten educated on it an we are working on turning type1 into type none one day!!!

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