I'm Maggie

and I am my #1!

I was first diagnosed in 1983 after having what my parents thought was the flu. I had been spilling ketones for at least 2 months and was born with too many islet cells, requiring a pancreatectomy from birth to 3 months and then another partial pancreatectomy at age 12 months. I still have about 4% or less of my real pancreas, that produced too much insulin until age 8-9. When my immune system attacked my body, I then became type 1 on April 5, 1983. I have been living with type 1 for the past 32-33 years now. I use an insulin pump because it provides better control than injections for me. I hope to survive many years with my pump in use. All that is needed now is Medicare coverage for the cgms I must use to control and prevent hypoglycemic episodes. I have had problems in the past, and strive to have a better future with the help of Congress passing legislation for coverage of CGMS systems for Type 1 diabetes management with insulin pump use.

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