I'm Jacob

and I am my #1!

My name is Jacob and I am 8 years old, I was diagnosed on February 18, 2015. My mom is a nurse and she knew something was not right with me because I was drinking a lot more and going to the bathroom a lot more. I had also lost a little bit of weight. My parents brought me to the doctors the next day. My blood sugar was 432, luckily I did not have to spend any time in the hospital. We had to come back the next day for all of the intense diabetic teaching. When the doctors finally told me I had diabetes I was really upset and started crying and said I did not want this, but my dad told me everything wad going to be ok, we would get though it. Things were a little hard to adjust to at first, with school and everything but I have an awesome school nurse and she takes good care of me! This fall I was really sick with pneumonia and had to check my blood sugar every 2 hours and correct if need be. Having some real highs and lows makes it hard sometimes. Hopefully in the next year I will be able to get a pod or pump so I won't have to inject myself so much. My family has adjusted well to my diabetes, my brother is very helpful and always checks up on me in school to make sure my blood sugar is ok. Maybe someday I could have a diabetic alert dog. I know there is no cure for diabetes but there is a lot of research going into the bionic pancreas, I hope someday that will happen and I can have a normal life.

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