I'm Andrea

and I am my #1!

I was diagnosed as a T1D on June 17, 2007 as a young adult at the age of 25. I was diagnosed very late after my symptoms kicked in; I actually collapsed before being admitted into the hospital with a BG level over 1600. The first year and 7 months were incredibly difficult for me. I was angry and felt like I had lost total control of my life. It was at this time that a good friend of mine, who was working for JDRF Rocky Mountain Chapter, invited me to volunteer at a couple of events. The first event I volunteered at forever changed my life. It was a family event and I couldn’t believe how strong the personalities of these children and teenagers were, and still are. The admiration I felt for them and the relationships they shared with the JDRF staff & organization made me want to volunteer at every single event. After a few more events, including a Gala, I moved to Los Angeles. Prior to my move, I contacted the JDRF Los Angeles Chapter and I was immediately submerged into the organization and volunteer opportunities. I co-founded a support group for adults with T1D in Los Angeles, called The 1s, which now has over 200 members. Since then I have been a board member of the Young Leadership Committee at JDRF Greater Dallas Chapter, volunteer at the JDRF Fort Worth Chapter and a T1D Advocate for JDRF. There are actually moments where I believe that I was given this disease so I can become more involved with an incredible organization such as JDRF. I feel a part of something bigger than myself and the JDRF staff have become like family members to me. I will forever be grateful for the JDRF organization, its staff, board members, volunteers, and community. Thank you JDRF for making me whole again! One Love, Andrea.

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