I'm Shannon

and my son Andrew is my #1!

My son Andrew is 2 years old and became really sick on the night of October 7th he started vomiting and was extremly tired all of a sudden. So i thought maybe he was getting sick so i took him to the doctors where they tell me he has lost 10 pounds but that must be an error or due to a possible viral infection. But the next day he was so thirsty he wanted everything to drink we had in the house. But between changing a diaper an hour and him vomiting i knew something else was wrong so i took him to our local emergancy room to get a second opinion and they said the same thing due to the symptoms he was having they felt it was viral so i asked the doctor can we not just do some labs to make sure it is not anything else and he proceeded to tell me it was not necessary at this time. So while my husband was at work that night we were talking over emails and both agreed he needed to go to a pediatric emergancy room cause we both had this feeling something is not right but no one was listening to us. So the next day that afternoon Andrew tried walking to me from my moms couch and he took three steps and his legs gave out from underneath him so i packed him up and my mom got the older two ready and i drove him an hour to the closest pediatric emergancy room where i told doctors there i was not leaving till someone could tell me what was wrong with my son. At that time they tried 5 times to start an IV on him because he was dehydrated but they could not get one started he was so dehydrated they then ended up having to start a line in his bone marrow to get fluids to him. And to hear your child scream while they are drilling a hole in his leg with just some topical numbing meds and he is screaming for me and not being able to be next to him is the worst feeling in the world you feel so helpless that your little boy is going through so much pain. 30 minutes later i am able to go back into the room where i am told his lab values indicate he is in DKA and he has type 1 diabetes. And the doctor told me had i not brought him in he probably would have lasted maybe two more days till he would have then been in a Diabetic coma or worse death. My heart just dropped in my stomach i felt so bad and so many feelings all at once i was unable to process anything. He was sent upstairs at Toledo Childrens Hospital to the Pediatric ICU for a day and a half then 5 days in the regular unit. Once i finally got him home i just cried cause i was so terrified and still am to this day that if i don't check on him enough i will wake up in the morning to an unconcious child or worse a dead child because he got to low. We are in the process of getting approved for his dexcom and i hope we get it soon so i can have a piece of mind being able to see what his sugar is and catch it before he gets too low.

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