I'm Linda

and my grandson Cameron is my #1!

He was diagnosed in February 2015, at the age of 5. He was hospitalized for 5 days till his sugar got under control. He still has alot of highs and lows, very hard to stay at an even level. Takes two kinds of insulin at this time and so far he is the only student in his school that has diabetes. He turned 6 in April and is in the first grade , he likes to play soccer and video games. My husband Jim and I took Cameron to his first Tour de Cure in June 2015 under the team name Cameron's Crusader's in Ann Arbor, Michigan! He was the first bike out behind the police car in the 10 mile ride! He got a lot of compliments on his Ninja Turtles helment. Having diabetes is so hard on everyone! Praying for a cure!

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